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Lany is a Puma Trainer, originally from Australia and currently based in downtown Toronto. With over 8 years of industry experience and a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science & Sport Nutrition under her belt, she continues to pursue her life’s work by creating an impact on her community to live a healthier and happier life.

Lany is passionate about holistic health and coaches through a holistic fitness approach by teaching how to move, fuel and nurture your body to optimise real long term results.  

Over the past couple of years Lany has carved a niche for herself as a Boxing Fitness Trainer and Instructor which lead her to compete and train as an amateur boxer!  You can find Lany instructing group fitness, boxing classes as well as coaching her personal training and boxing clients at BOLO - BodyLove, Toronto.

Lany is a unique and versatile trainer, who has cultivated her expertise in the Health and Fitness industry throughout North America and Australia.  Throughout her career, Lany has continued to work with international trainers and clients, forging training methods that are diverse, adaptive and results-driven. Feel empowered and motivated to fulfil your life aspirations through health and fitness by being TRAINED BY LANY!



To make you fall in love with moving everyday.  Together, we will work towards achieving and maintaining your health and fitness goals by building and establishing healthy lifelong habits.  I combine balanced nutritional plans with personalized programs, coaching methods and training styles to meet your goals. 

Training with me will challenge you to break out of your physical and mental comfort zones.  
I will then ensure that you continue to feel empowered and keep pushing yourself to new limits.




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