Cold Pressed Juice: the Answer to Every Busy Person's Health Prayer

You may have noticed new juice bars and juices filling the shelves of your local cafe's and health conscious places around the city. Whether you are yogi on a cleanse, a gym junkie looking for a boost of nutrients and antioxidants, or just browsing the beverage options in your local cafe, by now you likely have noticed Village Juicery’s iconic cold pressed juice bottles, lined up as a rainbow of goodness. In Toronto, these juices have definitely caught the attention of health conscious people looking for the healthiest and easiest way to fuel their bodies. You can't deny that the city is in full-blown juicing fever and I could not be happier that these nutrient-packed beverages are so accessible and readily available!

I recently sat down and chatted with the Village Juicery team to discuss the cold pressed juice trend in the city and the benefits of local and organic produce. Village Juicery's juices are designed by Nutritionists and made fresh every day from 100% locally sourced organic products with no preservatives, additives or added sugars. Village Juicery is passionate about providing the freshest and the highest quality product; as well as they make nutrition a priority, with a full team of Nutritionist in-store, education is at the heart of what they do.

Firstly, what is cold pressed juice?
Cold pressed juice is a convenient and nutritious way to enjoy raw fruits and vegetables. Using a hydraulic press, the nectar of fruits and vegetables are extracted directly from the pulp. Unlike blending or grinding, cold-pressing juice won’t denature or degrade fruits and vegetables by exposing produce to unnecessary heat and friction. This means you enjoy the most concentrated amount of vital nutrients and enzymes.

What about the fibre?
Fruit and vegetable fibre is not present in cold pressed juices however is essential to a healthy diet, so if increasing fibre is a concern,  smoothies or non cold pressed juices is an option to help keep things moving!

The top 4 benefits of cold pressed juice:

1. The answer to every busy person's health prayers:
With 2-3lbs of produce in each Village Juicery 500ml bottle, reaching for a juice is a convenient way to get in your daily fruit and vegetable requirements, especially helpful if you lead a busy lifestyle.

2. Acts as a multivitamin supplement:
Instead of taking copious amounts of supplements, cold pressed juice is a wholesome and natural option that helps get vital nutrients into your system daily, VJ recommends drinking juice before or between meals to get its maximum nutritional benefits.

3. The ultimate energy kick and boost to the immune system:
Research shows that people who drink vegetable-based juice daily have more energy, glowing complexions, high performing immune systems, and a reduced risk of disease. Ingredients like ginger and/or turmeric help keep the immune system strong and prevent illness.

4. It can be used to cleanse and assist your body in detoxification:
Every day your body is working to clear toxins, whether they be from alcohol, sugary foods, or airborne toxins. Cold pressed juices with ingredients like dandelion help support this detoxification process. Our friends at Village Juicery actually provide complimentary consults in store with a Nutritionist to create personalized cleanse programs. This will help reset your digestive system, detoxify your body and welcome new positive habits!

The take home message here is that cold pressed juice is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help you feel healthy, happy and energized from the inside out! To ensure you are meeting your daily intake of nutrients, you need to fuel your body with a variety of quality fruit and vegetable produce to get your daily intake of 7-8 servings per day (Canadian Food Guide Recommendation).  This may be difficult to reach at times, which is why cold pressed juices are an easy and fast way to make sure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet!

To learn more about how you can reset with Village Juicery, book your consult with one of the in-store nutritionist below.