5 Knockout Reasons Why You Need to Add BOXING to Your Fitness Routine

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You can’t deny the growth in the number of Boxing Fitness studios and classes popping up in major cities, where you can feel empowered to learn and practice the fundamentals of this sport, as well as reap all the health benefits that come along with this style of training. Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts in existence and this combat sport has influenced the fitness industry - emerging as one of the most challenging and fun workouts that fitness fanatics can’t stop talking (posting) about and its benefits!

Train like an athlete, develop athleticism; increase your strength, power, speed, agility, coordination and have fun, get lean and release stress at the same time, need I say more?... I will say more, please continue reading…

But first, why do I box?

I personally began fighting as fitness through Muay Thai and Boxfit classes at the local gym and with my trainer at the time.  I quickly fell in LOVE with the training and over time became addicted to learning more and pushing myself to new limits physically and mentally. How fast can I be, how powerful can I be, how quick can I react... Now a couple years later I am preparing for my first fight with a retired world ranked fighter as my coach! CRAZY!

I want to share my passion with you and want you to understand the experience of how it has transformed my mind, my body and has truly made a positive impact on my whole life.

My top 5 reasons why I suggest you add boxing into your fitness routine

1. It’s the ultimate MIND-BODY workout

Boxing stimulates your mind and keeps you present through the entire workout begging to end. The coordination this sport demands keeps your mind constantly engaged through learning and executing different combinations, footwork, all while coordinating your body to apply speed, power, strength and endurance at the same damn time. There is always more to learn and skills to sharpen, you can be a student in this sport forever. You will never get bored if you are willing to learn and up for the challenge! This is NOT the workout where you can be on your phone in between sets or be thinking about what’s cooking for dinner.  It forces mindfulness and you are in it 100%, mentally and physically.

2. Gets you lean… fast!

Boxing is great for improving body composition; increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass. Boxing is an extremely high physically demanding sport that requires more than one fitness element, alone the combination of cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance in this whole body workout will cause your body to adapt.  You will be building muscle through powerful punches and burning calories through high intensity cardiovascular output. I have no doubt with consistent boxing fitness training and a balanced diet you will see improvements in your body composition in no time! I have experienced amazing changes - a leaner overall physique and improved muscular definition of my arms, shoulders and abs!!!  

3. It has the power of making you feel like a superhero

Boxing is well known for its mental benefits. Many people fall in love with this form of training just because of how it makes them feel during and after the workout. It can be the perfect distract-er, if your stressed and need to get your mind off things or need to unload steam, let it go on the bag, of course with technique too. Such a great way to healthily knock out any stress and anxiety, as well as enhance your confidence and self-esteem.  Based off my experience, my clients and class goers we all love how amazing and empowered we feel after a class. Boxing has this power of making you feel like a superhero, wrapped up with gloves on, you can create a persona where you have no choice but to give it all you got, demonstrating your own power and character during this workout. As a result it strengthens you mentally, just through that feeling of releasing aggression and letting that yang energy go. Bye Stress, Anxiety and Hello Powerful Warrior Energy.

4. It enhances your Cardiovascular Health

Add variety to your usual cardio training “go-to’s” and move your body in dynamic ways like the way you would in boxing.  Boxing places moderate to high amounts of stress to the cardiovascular and respiratory system by keeping your heart rate up through rounds (high intensity bouts of exercise) which in turn increases your cardiovascular fitness. We have all heard the benefits of cardio training, time and time again; having a healthier heart; reduces risks of heart disease and some types of cancer and not to mention living a healthier longer life and this is same for boxing training. For me, this alone is a good enough reason!

5. It’s fun!

It won’t feel like a “have-to-workout,” more like a exhilarating hobby which will keep you motivated to do it again and again and again.

You have the power. I now challenge you to fight for these benefits and let them translate into other parts of your life

Whatever level you are - a beginner box-fitter or an amateur boxer there are options out there for everyone!  You can expect shadow boxing, bag work, pad work and possibly combo classes combining boxing with other training styles from yoga to weight stations. Boxing fitness classes predominantly focus on the attacking side of boxing (throwing punches not defending them), teamed with music blasting, lights flashing and an energetic and motivating trainer, on the mic pumping you up!  The fitness industry is always coming up with new creative class offerings in this competitive biz.  The opportunity and accessibility of boxing as fitness is abundant, making it not only easy to add to your fitness routine but extremely rewarding!

How to begin?

You have the power. I now challenge you to fight for these benefits and let them translate into other parts of your life!

I recommend to start with 1 on 1 sessions with a boxing coach or certified instructor to learn and master the fundamentals to be able to confidentially apply these techniques into your boxing fitness classes. I recommend to box at least 2x week to obtain these mental and physical benefits.

You up for the challenge? Book a 1 on 1 boxing session with me and get started now!