(VIDEO) Know Your Flow 101


FLOW.  I encourage you to explore and engage in a new way of moving and potentially incorporate this innovative training method into your fitness regime, workout or daily routine. 

I teamed up with Jay @wallstfitness, Tactix @tactivision, & Julian @flowmotionjs, the Flow Masters of Toronto to introduce you to this unconventional, yet dynamic way of training.  They have all sparked my interest in both this area of movement and way of thinking, which inspired me to produce this short film to share their passion, experience and knowledge of this movement practice. Learn how incorporating FLOW into your life can improve your day to day movement and functionality.

What is FLOW?
Before we begin, I want to touch on what FLOW is and the reasons I have fallen in love with it.  One of the great things about this unconventional method of training is the aspect of combining different exercises, movement modalities, tempos and training techniques  in the most fluid way possible.  The concept of FLOW in training connects functional individual exercises to create different movement sequences that are constantly challenging as they require strength, conditioning, agility and mobility all at the same time.  Just like martial arts the proper execution of movement flows usually have a smooth transition from one exercise to the next requiring coordination and concentration (mind-body connection).  FLOW allows you to integrate different movement practices and then improvise, moving through your body and finding your limitations.  Then improving. 

This video will dive deeper into what FLOW is, the background of FLOW, the benefits of it and why you should incorporate it into your day to day regime. 

To experience FLOW first hand, join myself and Jay @wallstfitness (featured) every Wednesday night at 8.30pm for BOX & FLOW. 


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