4 Quick Tips To Finding Balance & Staying Healthy, This Summer

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Finding balance in your health dimension of wellness this season

Here we are, smack bang in the middle of summer, living in the flow of what this season brings. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the influence this season has had on our behaviour and our health.  

How has our lifestyle changed since the winter? Possibly more social events, eating out, late nights, casual drinks, travelling…? 

It is important to live life and enjoy but not too far beyond, where we crash or start adopting unhealthy habits. In order to maintain healthy habits we need to consistently monitor what our bodies are telling us throughout this busy season. 

If you find yourself falling off track ask yourself a couple of questions to mentally check in and be aware:
Am I having quality and sufficient sleep? Am I staying hydrated?  Am I being active consistently?  Am I nourishing my body with proper nutrition?

It’s ok to fall off the wagon here and there, that’s life, but we do need to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year around to feel good and keep productivity high. I mean how are we meant to achieve our goals and dreams if we are not functioning at our optimal state of being? Here are a couple of tips you can integrate into your lifestyle to boost your health this summer!

1.  Be active outside
Let your body be your transport – walk, run, ride, blade to work or events, this will help with maintaining or increasing your incidental physical activity, daily.
Take part in summer activities; join a local social sport, enroll in an outdoor boot camp with your mates, plan social walks/hikes with friends and/or sign up for an outdoor obstacle course such as Tough Mudder with a team and train together leading up to the event. Get a boost from nature and exercise together! 

2.  Choose the healthy option
When eating out, do your research and choose healthy places to dine. It’s all about planning and preparing, especially if you find yourself eating out several times a week. Alternatively offer to host a barbeque at your place. At the end of the day just be mindful of your decisions and if it is benefiting you. 

3.  Morning workouts - save time
Do your workouts in the morning, so it is achieved for the day! This will prevent any distractions that may happen after work and you can enjoy your free time in the afternoon/evening.

4.  Monday.Reset.Mindset  
Every Monday reflect the previous week and set your intentions for the week ahead! Get in bed early the night before, wake up feeling fresh and prep your week strong with your weekly schedule and to do list. Get your groceries done and cook yourself a home made dinner!

The overall message is to find the happy medium of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, this season. Be your own navigator to seek the opportunities to do so!